What to wear to your family session - Styling suggestions and more.

So let me start by saying, I respect everyone's sense of style and fashion, everyone is unique and at the end of the day its YOUR session so what I give are merely styling suggestions for those who want a little guidance!

After hearing from many people that they enjoy doing family sessions but they have such trouble figuring out what to wear, I decided to start offering styling help with all my booked sessions. Trust me when I say, it really makes such a difference to the end result when you follow the styling guides and tips! Picking out outfits can be fun if we work together as a team.

Here are just a few tips and tricks:

I always suggest to coordinate your outfits, it is not necessary for all clothes to match, coordination is more important. What does that mean? It means try to pick out items that complement each other in styles and colors. Stick to the same color family or complementary tones. 

Colors tones I personally recommend are softer more neutral tones. My personal favorites are whites, creams, light grays, muted blues etc. I recommend avoiding bright, bold colors as it tends to be distracting. Neutral tones allow for the photos to be more "timeless" and more importantly they allow you, as the subjects, to stand out in those natural outdoor environments.

For the ladies, clothing that really flatters the female body are dresses and skirts, especially long, full-length, flowy materials. Be conscious of trying to avoid materials that tend to wrinkle easily.

For the men, I suggest solid colored fitted pants or chinos. When I choose outfits for our own family photos I usually pick out khakis or solid colored pants for my husband such as gray or navy blue.

Well I can go on about styling and offer more tips and suggestions but we can get into more details once you book a session with me! I work with my clients to help pick out items from their closet and I'm happy to help give a few affordable choices if they want to buy something new!

For now here are some photos from this beautiful family shoot that I had a chance to shoot a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

ps. I love doing beach shoots because you don't even have to think about shoes!