My Birth Story & some of the scariest few minutes of my life

I was 39 weeks & 3 days, scheduled for an induction because I had Gestational Diabetes. My mom flew in from Canada and made it in time for everything to happen, I was so relieved she was going to be there!

At 4am on August 12th, we went to the hospital as she stayed back with our son to take him to daycare before joining us for the delivery. When we got there, it all became so real, I was scared, nervous, happy, excited..all the feels!

We got settled into our room, which had a beautiful ocean view by the way, one of the perks of delivering in Newport Beach! By 6am the nurses started me on Pitocin. I didn’t know how quickly things would progress with my labor, I feel like we were just settling in but by 7:30am they already wanted to break my water! I felt really rushed and asked if they could wait a little longer so that my mom could be there. She got there at 9am and I was then ready to get things rolling. Unfortunately, they couldn’t break my water without it being extremely painful because of how the baby’s head was positioned, so instead they wanted me to start the epidural so they could break the water more easily. My hubby held my hands as I curved my back, dreading the pain. I’m not gonna lie, I did cry. It's just such a unique pain down your spine, it's hard to describe. But shortly after getting it, my legs and half my belly became very numb and now all I had to do was wait. There was a VERY small part of me that was disappointed that I wasn’t going to feel much of the laboring process or contractions but I was definitely glad to have the epidural in time! They asked me to get some rest while my body started dilating but of course how am I supposed to relax?

We waited and waited, lunch time came around but nothing was happening. They came to check me a few hours later, around 2pm but I was still only 5cm dilated. At this point I was really hoping things would start picking up, I was so hungry and started to think about daycare pick up for my son. Another hour went by and at 3pm I asked if they could check how far along I was, I felt some contractions even though they weren't painful. The nurse checked and by 3:20pm I was 10cm dilated and ready to start pushing! I couldn’t believed I had progressed so quickly within an hour!

From this point things started progressing quickly, I heard the nurse call my OB and say "she's ready for delivery". I started getting emotional, it was finally happening…and FAST! Before my OB even came in we all got into place, mom on the left and my husband on my right and my delivery nurse told me to start pushing. I barely got a chance to think about how to push and I couldn’t feel much so I wasn't even sure if I was doing it right but I started pushing and within a few minutes they told me I was almost there! My OB rushed in, told me to do one more big push and out she came!

They laid her on my chest but she was so quiet, she didn’t cry. The longest and scariest few minutes of my life began as they took her to the incubator to check her. The room went silent and everyone surrounded her. They told me you were breathing but you were a bit too quiet. I kept asking the doctors and nurses if she was okay but everyone was busy doing their part running their tests. They used a suction tube to remove some fluid she had swallowed, put on an oxygen mask and tried to get a reaction.

I heard the nurse ask to call her pediatrician right away and when my OB asked if they need to send her to the NICU I started really getting scared but shortly after you had a little cry and although it wasn't a big one, they said you were just fine. You had swallowed some fluid in the birthing process and you just had a bit of fluid in her system.

They cleaned her off, wrapped her up and handed her to me. She was absolutely perfect. Every fear and worry I had during my pregnancy quickly disappeared. I stared at her with such relief. I couldn't believe she was here in my arms.

Here's a short video of my birth story! Enjoy! Come leave me a comment or DM on Instagram to let me know your thoughts:

Thank you to Christina Gabaldon Photography for capturing some of these moments for us.